SNAIL: Part 1-3



Snail:Part 1 or The Trials & Tribulations in the Life of a…SNAIL_PART1

Snail: Part 2 or A week in the Life of a…SNAIL_PART2

Snail: Part 3 or Lunchtime for a…SNAIL_PART3

Snail is a series of short comics created in ink and fine liners on bristol board. They were inspired by an afternoon walk in the rain, while doing my best to avoid stepping on any slimy critters I inevitably missed one and crunch! Feeling remorseful for my unobservant step I took some time to think of life from the perspective of the snail and from this ‘Snail: Part 1’ came into fruition. Although dark in their humourous approach they offer an empathy to my readers, asking an unanswerable question in the form of ‘what would life be like if I were a snail?’

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Tara Lucy

Tara Lucy
Drawings by Tara Lucy

Who is TAra Lucy ?

Tara Lucy is a Norwich based artist, working mainly in ink she creates drawings and short comics which capture moments in life. Drawing being the anchor of Tara Lucy’s practice, she makes observations of her everyday and translates such from her individual perspective. Inspirations stemming from urban environments to elements of nature, she combines all to create art works which are an insight of the world through the eyes of the artist.

Studying for a Masters in Arts Practice, Tara Lucy is forever experimenting with ideas and methods to present her observations and channelling concepts through the process if creating.

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